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An audio guest book is a unique and modern twist on the traditional guest book used at events and special occasions. Rather than having guests write their messages in a physical book, an audio guest book allows them to record their messages or greetings using a microphone or recording device.

The concept behind an audio guest book is to capture the voices and sentiments of the guests attending an event. It provides a more interactive and personal experience, as guests can express their thoughts, well-wishes, memories, or congratulations in their own words and with their own voices.

Audio guest books are commonly used at various events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, corporate events, and other special gatherings. They offer a fun and engaging activity for guests, as they can take turns recording their messages and listening to the messages left by others.

The recorded messages can be preserved and cherished as a sentimental keepsake long after the event has ended. The audio files can be stored digitally and easily accessed or shared with others, making it convenient to relive the memories and revisit the heartfelt messages whenever desired.

Overall, an audio guest book adds a personal touch to any event, creating lasting memories and a unique memento for hosts and attendees alike.

Retro classic phone


Retro Classic Phone


A retro classic table phone



The audio guestbook is so easy to use, all you do is you pick up the phone's receiver, listen to the voice message left by your host and immediately after the message ends, you'll hear a beep then you can start to leave your voice messasge. When you're done, just put the receiver back on the phone and that's it.

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